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Protect the Life You Love


Talking with our advisors isn’t a chore. In our hearts we believe that protection offers families relief and grace during the darkest of times, but talking through the what ifs doesn’t need to be painful.

We’re not alarmist, we don’t push the doom and gloom. For us, life protection is the opposite – once you’re covered you can get on with living every minute, knowing that your loved ones are insulated against the unpredictable. We love life – we want you to protect it.

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Insurance Consulation

Phone, Video or Meeting to discuss your financial challenges.

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Trust Us to Protect You

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Life Insurance

Life insurance protects the lives you love.

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Income Protection Insurance

The policy that every working person should consider.

Critical Illness Insurance Image

Critical Illness Cover

A lump sum if you become seriously ill. It can also cover against serious injury.

mortgage protection insurance

Mortgage Protection

Cover to make sure the family home is secure.

Family Income Benefit

Family Income Benefit

A regular monthly income for your family.

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Over 50s Life Cover

A great way to leave a cash lump sum.

What are the Benefits of Health Insurance?

The National Health Service (NHS) was founded in 1948 and has cared for the population of the UK ever since. Though we are very lucky to have access to free healthcare for all, there are also plenty of benefits to investing in private health insurance

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More Flexibility

With private healthcare, you’re the boss. Let doctors appointments and procedures work around you.

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More Choice

You may have a choice of specialist surgeons and be able to choose your hospital, which isn’t possible with the NHS.

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More Time

Private healthcare offers you more time 1:1 with your doctor, without the pressure of deadlines and strict appointment schedules.

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More Personal

With private healthcare, you often encounter the same team of professionals at each appointement, offering continuity of care at a stressful time.

GP Icon

Quick GP Access

Many insurers offer an out-of-hours doctors service that can be especially useful to those with young children or who travel frequently.

Physio Icon

Physiotherapy & Mental Health Care

The wait for NHS physio or therapist can be long, which may only exacerbate the original problem. Private healthcare gives you quick access to private treatment – with out the hourly fees.

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Reduced Waiting Times

You’re likely to receive treatment and appointments quicker than you would on the NHS.

Medicine Icon

Better Access to Medicines and Treatment

Some treatments and medicines arenlt covered by the NHS, either because they are not yet covered by the NICE guidelines or because they are too expensive. Private healthcare has more scope to provide these medicines and procedures so you can receive the best possible care.

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More Privacy

You’ll get a private rroom, rather than staying in an open ward which may be mixed-sex.

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